If you’ve ever had the pure, gut-jumping pleasure of driving an ATV, you’re probably ready to book your next excursion. If you’ve never experienced the rumble and power under your rumpus, it’s time. A bucket list experience for many, ATV riding through the Oregon wilderness, or across its beaches, must be enjoyed first-hand to be truly understood.

Offering rentals, we make one-of-a-kind adventures for individuals and families alike. Available throughout every season, your ATV excursion promises to deliver a shot of adrenaline alongside that needed breath of fresh air. Don’t worry about equipment or helmets. We provide everything you’ll need for a safe and memorable event. Our vehicles are all newer models and are meticulously maintained in order to ensure exceptional performance and reliability.

Unlike our competitors, we strive to make ATV rentals affordable. Offering the region’s only ATV rental memberships, we reduce the costs of adventure while allowing you to enjoy the experience to your heart’s content.