For the three of us, the enthusiasm for powered recreational vehicles began with just one ride. Then all bets were off and no holds were barred. If it was the weekend, you could find any one of us on straddling an ATV or Sea-Doo, with a grin on our mud-splattered or water-drenched faces. From Mt. Hood to Rockaway Beach, there wasn’t an open space where we didn’t take full (legal) advantage of opening up that throttle and releasing the power of our grown-up playthings. We simply dug it. And we want you too as well.

The driving goal behind us establishing 3 Brothers Adventures was the ability to share our love for Oregon and its beauty. We noticed a lack of full-service, affordable adventure rentals and we knew we were the guys to get it done. Combining our knowledge of the area with our unwavering love affair with motor-powered, off-road beasts, we created Portland’s most unique rental company. Actually, we don’t even prefer that term. We prefer “adventure company” because this is where Oregon’s residents and visitors alike come to play.

We were never a fan of how expensive owning or renting ATVs or PWCs could be. So, we set our sights on a different horizon. We created a variety of membership packages that allow our guests to come back to the great outdoors, time and time again, year-round without it costing an arm and a leg.

The team at 3 Brothers Adventures invites you to cross ATVing on the beach off your bucket list with us. If it’s an adventure you’ve gotta experience, make it count with us.

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